Hello Gang! Yesterday (Wednesday November 29, 2017) saw the long awaited release of the Avengers Infinity War trailer.  This movie is scheduled to be released in theaters next May. Now a lot of people have claimed that the trailer broke the internet, a often overused term for when something blows up quickly on the internet, the trailer did however break the YouTube view counter with over 240 million views in just 24 hours!

Since the trailer dropped, a lot of people are talking about the Avengers again, so I thought I would use this to my advantage and release an Avengers #FFBattle!  Since this is the first blog post on the #FFBattle, let me explain how it works.

#FFBattle is the hashtag that stands for Fan Film Battle, each week I put up two fan films in a particular category and then I get you all, the fans to watch and choose your favorite.  This has always been one of the goals of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast to help promote fan films.

So going back now to this week’s Avengers #FFBattle, Fan Film number 1 is Scratchtent’s The Avengers Fan Film.  This film was released onto YouTube on Oct 24, 2013 and has a runtime of 13:44 and currently has over 16 thousand views.  Scratch Tent are a group of friends who as per their YouTube About section ‘provide skits, comedy, short films, and goodness to all’.  This particular fan film is actually the culmination of several of their earlier Captain America, Thor and Iron Man independent fan films.  Directed by Joey Spangler who also plays the part of Captain America, this fan film is literally the type of fan film that I like to call ‘filmed in my background’ style.  It is as I said a group of friends who are comfortable being silly in front of each other, and I have not yet seen any of the other Scratch Tent fan films yet, but I will be honest and say that I was not very impressed with this film.  The costumes were just Halloween off the shelf costumes, the acting was corny, the graphics were terrible and the story was basically a attempt to retell the original Avengers movie, but without a Nick Fury character. Overall I was not a fan of this film.

The second fan film in this battle is Avengers: Fan Film by Throwback Studioz.  Released on YouTube on Aug 7, 2013 this film has over 227 thousand views and a runtime of 15:41.  Directed by Eric Green, who like the first film also started in the film this time as Nick Fury.  This is a much better fan film, the costumes are much better quality, many looking looking like they were made especially for this film and its actors/actresses.  The story is an original one and there are a LOT of people involved and a lot of characters from Luke Cage, to Scarlet Witch, the Punisher and even She-Hulk.  There is some corny acting, but this is often overshadowed by the many awesome fight scene that are very well choreographed.  This film really shows what a fan film, on a low budget, but with a lot of support can accomplish, and is definitely my pick of the two.  

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Night all, talk to you again soon!