Show 8 - Trailer Park Film Festival

Have you gone to a theatre just to watch the trailers before the movie, or been thrilled when you see a trailer you were not expecting to see and enjoyed that more then the movie itself? Well on Show 8 we talk with Buck Rogers the Festival Director of the Trailer Park Film Festival, a new type of festival being held in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that focuses on just movie trailers. Buck was gratious enough to come record with us and talk about the festival, movie trailers and of course fan films.

During the show we talk about the trailers for live action fan films Futurama and Nightwing, we go into detail about the festival itself and even have a VERY special announcement! So join us (and Buck) as we discuss the Trailer Park Film Festival.

Show 7 - Committed

DC Comics is n ot short of bad guys, but what would happen if two of the biggest villains had to take some time off to go to couples therapy?  In Show 7 of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast we are going to discuss Committed @committed_film, one of our favorite fan films we have reviewed to date.  We talk about the film with the films director Terry Ziegelman @terryzieg, the writer Colin Costello @colincostello10, and the very talented Brandi Price @_brandiprice who plays Harley Quinn.  So sit back and get comfy as we bring you Committed!

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Show 6 - Superhero Fan Films

Welcome to Show 6 of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast, the first of our new weekly format!  On this show we discuss some Superhero Fan Films, the first one is Dirty Laundry, a Punisher fan film staring none other then Thomas Jane.  We discuss why we think this is a fan film, even though it has a couple of well known actors in it, what did we like, what we didn't like, we break it down!  

The second film we talk about is the DC Comics fan film Batman: Dead End.  This fan film would be better called Batman vs Aliens vs Predator!  We break down this awesome film and of course give it a Fan Film Boyz rating!

The Fan Film Boyz are proud sponsors of the 2017 Fanfilm Awards. 

Show 5 - Force-Full Imagination: Part 2

First of all sorry for the delay in the release of Show 5, however this show is worth the wait!  Show 5 is all about Force-Full Imagination: Part 2, a Semi-Finalist in the 2017 Fanfilm Awards.  In this show we discuss this awesome short film and the questions in raises, what if your toys could come alive?  Force-Full Imagination:Part 2 is a action packed fan film, and as a extra bonus we have a very special interview with Jim Eimmerman, director of the film.  So sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Show 4 - Turpin Terrible Toys

On this very special show we talk all about the DC Comic fan film Turpin - Terrible Toys.  Turpin is a semi-finalist in the 2017 Fanfilm Awards (of which the Fan Film Boyz are proud sponsors!).  Not only do we discuss and review this awesome film, we also have a very special interview with the films director Robert Dodrill.  In this interview we discuss the film itself, film making in general and the future of fan films.  Join us for our very first interview on the Fan Film Boyz Podcast!

Show 2 - Star Wars Fan Films

n this Show we talk about two Star Wars fan films, the ever classic 'Troops' directed by Kevin Rubio, and 'Death Star over San Francisco' directed by Mike Horn.  We talk about why we like (and also what we don't like) about these films and give just a small taste of what is to come with Star Wars fan films in future shows.  Please forgive the sound quality of this show as we are a work in progress and had a few microphone difficulties.  The Fan Film Boyz are proud sponsors of the 2017 Fan Film Awards.