Show 28 - John Hughes and Star Wars?

Show 28 -John Hughes and Star Wars?

Welcome to the Fan Film Boyz Podcast Show 28 - John Hughes and Star Wars? On this show Rob and Dave are again joined by Jay of the Super Movie Bros after recording the latest Movie Cocktail episode on 'Weird Science'. This show we tie in the Fan Film Boyz and Movie Cocktail again and we discuss the fan film Hughes the Force that was written, produced, and directed by J.C Reifenberg.

Hughes the Force was first released in May 2012 and is about two high school teens that are tortured by jocks and of course rejected by girls, when they are invited to a huge end of year party it comes with a catch, they have to bring a hot girl to get entry. Hughes the Force is a mesh of several different films, most noticeably Weird Science and Star Wars, with a sprinkling of Indiana Jones and Back to the Future references thrown in. We discuss this on the show including as well as the the differences between an omage vs a fan film, and whether have well known actors/actresses in a fan film gives it more street cred (spoiler alert there are some well known people in Hughes the Force).

So grab your lightabers and blasters, make sure that your Slave Leia is close by and join us as we discuss Hughes the Force! 

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