Show 21 - Not such a Smoothneck

Hello Gang, its time again for another awesome episode of the Fan Film Boyz Podcast.  Show 21 - Not such a Smoothneck is our first ever crossover show with the Super Movie Bros and our collaboration Podcast ‘Movie Cocktail’.  On this show Robert is joined by Super Movie Bro Dave and Super Movie Bro Jay and we are talking about the Starship Troopers fan film ‘Smoothnecks.’  On August 12, 2017 the Second episode of Movie Cocktail will be released and in the episode we talk about the actual movie Starship Troopers, so make sure to check that out at


The Smoothnecks fan film was released in April 2013, however, the only information given on Youtube is the cryptic message ‘Made about 10 years ago, made fun’.


So make sure you have a comfy chair, sit back and listen because we are gooing deep into this Starship Troopers fan film.


Come on you apes, do you want to live forever!


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