Show 20 - The Epic Showdown!

Ladies and gentleman, it has been a few weeks since the last show but we are back!  Show 20 - The Epic Showdown, is just that Epic!  This time we discuss the fan film Marvel Vs DC by Racka Racka.  This is probably one of the most watched fan films on YouTube with over 46 million veiws, and is about the Justice League (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman) taking on the Avengers (Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk), and the battle really does get Epic!

This was the perfect film to talk about for our 20th Show, and we get into a pretty serious discussion on the film so if you have not yet seen it visit and watch it before listening.

So pick a side, sit back and watch as all our favorite superheros battle it out, it is going to be . . . wait for it . . . EPIC!

On this show we also have a promo for a very special Podcast called Historical Blindness a Podcast that explores the obscure and mysterious topics in history.  Listen to this Podcast on iTunes at

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