Show 17 - Supermodels

First of all Robert and Michael would like to apologize for the past three weeks without a new show, we took some time off to clear some things up, second we would also like to apologize for the sound quality of this show.  It is not up to our usual standards so please forgive us.


That being said, the reason for the poor sound is because we have a VERY special guest on this show.  Screenwriter, Director, Awesome Guy, Colin Costello joins us all the way from the West Coast.  Colin talks about his amazing new book 'Supermodels' being released this Memorial Day, his short film 'The After Party' and it wouldn't be the Fan Film Boyz unless we talk fan films!  But, he also has a very special surprise for us that you will have to wait for the end of the show to find out (it is worth it, trust us!)


So join us as we talk with the creator of Supermodels.