Show 14 - Robots in Disguise

Show 14 is a big one, not as big as Devastator, but still a big show!  In this show we talk about our favorite childhood cartoon Transformers Generation 1, and the awesome fan film 'Transformers Generation Hero'.  This film was released in 2016 and already has over 280,000 views and these cos-playing Transformer put on a performance that takes us back to Saturday mornings, you know when Bumblebee was a VW Beetle, not a shiny new Camaro!  

Also on this show is a very special interview with the Assistant Director Jay Zarecki and actor Celeste Comeaux where we share our love of Transformers, what it took to make the film, what was involved and some very special news about a new upcoming Transformers fan film project!

So sit back and strap yourself into your chair, and join us as we discuss Transformers Generation Hero.

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