Show 15 - Calling All Browncoats!

It's Friday again Fan Film Fan's, and Show 15 - Calling All Browncoats is going to really make your day (or night depending on when you listen!).  On this Show we are talking about the short lived TV series and one time film Firefly/Serenity's feature length fan film Browncoats: Redemption.

Released in 2010 this 96 minute fan 'movie' is about the crew of the spaceship Redemption during the second rise of the Browncoats against the Alliance.  The Firefly series started Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Alan Tudyk and only ran for one season, however, fans went crazy for those 14 episodes.  Browncoats: Redemption is a charity project and a pretty cool fan film.

So buckle your harness and 'lets go be bad guys as we discuss Browncoats: Redemption.