Show 13 - Fantastic Beasts Found at Universal

For lucky Show 13 we have gone all magical and we are reviewing the Harry Potter fan film 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Battle at Diagon Alley!' This film was created by the very talented film maker and special effects specialist Brittany Joiner (@bigcitysendout on Twitter) and is the first guerrilla film (a guerrilla film is a low budget film, often filmed in a location without permission), that we have ever reviewd and we are very excited to share it. This fan film was filmed at Orlando's Universal Studio's Diagon Alley and the YouTube description reads 'When Universal Studio's decides to create a Wizarding addition to their theme park the Death Eaters are not too happy. It's one man's job to stop them.'

Also for the first time ever we have a new promo section, on this show we feature the Super Movie Bros, a Pennsylvania based podcast so listen for that.

So follow us into Diagon Alley, grab your wand and broomstick and lets discuss as we a Harry Potter fan film!

You can view the film at