Show 9 - Bangarang

Welcome everyone to Show 8 - Bangarang.  This is a very special show (and we know we say this all the time), we were very lucky to speak with Jonah Feingold creator, writer and soon to be director of the recently funded Kickstarter Project 'Bangarang' a fan film prequel to the hit 90's movie 'Hook' staring Robin Williams.  Bangarang is the story of how Rufio became The Pan, how he got to Neverland and how he got his mohawk!  Jonah has some amazing stories to tell about the project, a few updates you might not have heard yet and we also have a great talk about fan films in general.  So sit back and remember to take the second star to the right, and straight on till morning and listen to the Fan Film Boyz talking about Bangarang!

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