Show 26 - Venatus/Hunted (Interview)

Welcome to the Fan Film Boyz Podcast Show 26 - Venatus/Hunted (Interview).  Over the space of the last year we have had many amazing interviews with directors, writer and actors, but they have always been for films that have already been released and you can already see the end product.  On this show we have something special, a few weeks ago I managed to speak with Stephen Douchette, Laura Vedder and Joey Utah who are all involved with the currently in production fan film Star Wars: Venatus being made right here in New Jersey!  

It was a pleasure to speak with this amazing group of people and learn more about how a fan film is being made, and learning more about the intricacies of film making in general.  Stephen, Laura and Joey each come from different backgrounds and it was interesting to learn how they came together, and what went into the project.  The gang at Star Wars: Venatus has already released a teaser trailer to help gather interest in the project and it is amazing!

So sit back, grab a warm drink because it is cold here in New Jersey and listen to us talk Star Wars, fan films and Venatus!

To watch the trailer for Star Wars: Venatus visit


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