Show 25 - Who Goes There!

Show 25 - Who Goes There!


Welcome to the Fan Film Boyz Podcast Show 25 - Who Goes There!  


Back on November 25, 2017 the latest Ep 72: 'Movie Cocktail' Podcast (the other Podcast that I co-host)  was released and we talked all about 1982's 'The Thing'.  On this episode Dave and Jay of the Super Movie Bros, Marc and I went into a lot of detail about 'The Thing' a film I had never seen before doing this episode.  Right after we recorded that episode we all stayed and recorded this Fan Film Boyz show about two 'The Thing' fan films, 'The Thing II' (fanfilm sequel) and 'Who Goes There".   


The original movie 'The Thing' was released in 1982 and was directed by John Carpenter and stars Kurt Russell and is about a alien lifeform that assimilates other organisms and then copies them.  Based in Antarctica, this science-fiction horror film has become a cult favorite among a lot of people (and SMB Dave loves it!).  These two 'The Thing' fan films could not be more different from each other, one is long and continues to tell the story as told in the original movie, a sequel.  The second is a attempt at remaking the original.  We all have different opinions on these two fan films so join us as we just like The Thing dissect and discuss them!


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The Thing II (Fanfilm Sequel)


Who Goes There


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